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Friday, March 21, 2014

Is Prince Charles NEVER Going To Get His Day To Rule?

Sources tell the Globe that Queen Elizabeth is going to skip her son and his wife Camilla when she gives up throne. They report coronation plans for Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton are already in motion, to take place in June 2015. Passing over a legitimate heir for no actual reason is basically unheard of. Abdicating? Fine. But, that would be up to Prince Charles and probably would cause a huge scandal. The royals will do ANYTHING to avoid scandal. It is thought it is more like QUll will just REFUSE to die until after Prince Charles kicks it. So never does become king, Poor guy!. May be Globe is just hoping everyone forgets this cover by June 2015, when no coronation takes place. It is not like the tabloids are known for heir reliability. Check out some of these hilariously untrue celebrity gossip magazine covers. *-- Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Tabloid Cover:-
McGraw and Faith Hill are doing too well. Jealousy is to blame. According to this tabloid. *-- Kate Middleton Tabloid Report:-
Is Kate Middleton pregnant again? According to this (false) tabloid report. You bet. *-- O J As Khloe Kardashian's Father:-
Bombshell alert! OJ Simpson may be Khloe Kardashian's father? Do you believe this rumour.? *-- Gwyneth Paltrow Cheating:-
In Touch wants you to read all about Gwyneth Patrow cheating. That does not make it true of course. *-- Angelina Jolie Risking Her Life:-
Is Angelina Jolie risking her life for another baby? So the celebrity gossip reports say. Courtesy (THG)

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