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Friday, March 7, 2014

His Government Could Ban Facebook And You Tube--- Turkey's PM

Turkey's PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan says his government could ban Facebook and You Tube, arguing that his opponents are using social media against him. But president Abdullah Gul called such ban "out of question". Allegations of corruption against Mr Eodogan have been repeated on social media sites. The leaks included a phone conversation, in which, allegedly, he and his son discussed how to hide huge sums of money. Mr Erdogan called it montage. His Islamist-rooted AK party faces key local elections on March 30. "We will not leave this nation on the mercy of You Tube and Facebook", Mr Erdogan told the Turkish broadcaster ATV. "We will take the necessary steps in the strongest way", asked if that could include the barring of social media sites, he said "included". He said he two sites were being used for all "kinds of immorality, all kinds of espionage". Last month the AK dominated Turkish parliament passed a new law allowing the telecommunications authority to block websites without first seeking a court ruling. It sparked violent protests in Istanbul. Mr Erdogan said he has complained to US president Barack Obama about the activities of US-based cleric Fatehullah Gulen. The cleric runs an influential islamist network, seen by Mr Erdogan as threat to his authority.

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