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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Disadvantages Of Perfumes And Body Spray

Men and women throughout the world use perfumes or body sprays to prevent unpleasant body odour, but it must be remembered that its excessive use is harmful for health. A survey conducted in Britain indicated that body sprays are used by young men and women. Skin health experts say that excessive use of deodorants may cause irritation, breathing and lungs trouble, and may also damage heart. Experts say that chemicals present in the perfumes and body sprays to prevent body odor may be very dangerous. Clinical Service Ellergy UK's director Morain Jenkins say that every third young person in UK is suffering from breathing and skin troubles. Jemkins says that the very reason of the troubles of skin, ellergy and breathing troubles are due to the dangerous chemicals in the perfumes and body sprays. Experts say that perfumes must be used carefully and when you have to go out of house and avoid using them in closed places.

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