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Friday, March 28, 2014

Bahrain's Political Crisis Is A Great Challenge For The USA

The political crisis in Bahrain posed a challenge to the American 5th Naval fleet, its interests and fir American citizens in the region. Where, Obama in his visit to Saudi Arabia will express his full support to Saudi regarding the issues of Egypt, Syria and and Iran, he will also urge Saudi king to play his role in resolving the Bahrain's crisis. According to analysts the Shia opposition " February 14 Youth Coalition And Ashtar Brigade" have become more organized militarily than before. Burning American flags are common and several areas have become 'no go areas' for Americans. According to reports the delay in reforms by Sunni government will pave the way for violence by opposition and Iran will also get chance to interfere. America will urge Saudi Kingdom to ensure the talks between Shia coalition and the Bahrain government to prevent any unpleasant event and to save the interests of the USA and Saudi government.

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