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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Experts Are Searching New Treatment Method Through Dark Chockocate

Researchers have suggested that if a material found in dark chocolate is given the form of tablets can help in saving humans from paralysis and heart attack. The study will be carried out on 18,000 men and women. Experts said that the tablets would have that much quantity of chocolate that patients would need to take chocolates several times a day. . The study also aims at excluding fats and sweets from the chocolate to know its effects on human's health. The units included in the study will be given fake tablets or capsules of coco flavanole for four years. During the study neither the the persons recording observations nor the patients will know what were being given. These capsules or tablets will be tasteless. Falvanole is a chemical that is found in abundance in coco or dark chocolates. The previous studies indicated that flavanole helps in improving the factors related to blood pressure, cholesterol levels and heart troubles.

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