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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ex-Wife Of Azam Hoti Announced To Protest Before SC

(+)Shamim Akhtar Kiani, the ex-wife of former federal minister and senator, Azam Khan Hoti has announced to protest before the supreme court due to getting no justice and setting new and baseless cases against her. Shamim Akhtar Kiani told that her former husband Azam Hoti refused to pay her Rs. 110 million on account of Haq e Mehr (The money husband promises to pay to his wife at the time of tying knot). While her case in this regard is in the high court, but the advocates of Azam Hoti are using delaying tactices. According to latest information Shamim Kiani approached to the IG office and complained against her former husband Azam Hoti that she was receiving threats from him. She also tried to set herself on fire but police rescued her and shifted her to women police station.

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