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Monday, March 3, 2014

Some Of The Ways To Prevent Cancer

*-- Cancer does not have to be an inevitable destiny. Scientists know exactly what triggers the disease. And every one can do something against the biggest threats. Being diagnosed with cancer is a shock that hits you hard. And yet almost half of cancer cases could be prevented. Smoking alone can trigger every fifth tumour. Smoking is the most frequent self-imposed cause for cancer but the only one. *-- In second place of cancer-causing agents is the obesity. Why it causes cancer?. Enhanced insulin levels increase the risks of almost all sorts of cancer, especially when it comes to kidney, gall-bladder, and oesophagus cancer.
Overweight women produce increasing amounts of female sex harmones in their fat tissues and hence have a higher risk of uterine or breast cancer. *-- People who do not not move enough are specially likely to get cancer. Long-term studies show that exercising prevents tumours. After all, walking out lowers te insuline levels while preventing you from gaining weight. And it does have to be high performance sports. Even just going for a walk or just a bike ride makes a big difference. *-- Alcohol promotes tumours in the oral cavity, the throat and the oesophagus. The combination of smoking and drinking is specially dangerous and increases risk up to hundredfold. *-- Red meat can cause intestinal cancer. The exact cause has not yet been determined,
but long-term studies show significant correlation between consumption of red meat and and intestinal cancer. Beef is specially dangerous but even pork can cause cancer. Meat consumption increases the risk of cancer one and a half times. Fish, however prevents cancer. *-- When barbecuing meat, carcinogenic substances are released such as polycyclical aromatic hydrocarbons. It has been proven in animal experiments that these chemical
compounds can cause tumours. However, long-term studies with humans have not yet unambiguously proved the same. It is possible that consuming the meat causes cancer, not the way it is prepare. *-- Te sun's ultra-violet radiation can penetrate genome and can change them. The
result is black or white skin cancer. While sunscreen protects the skin from sunburn. The skin has already absorbed too much radiation as soon as it starts getting tanned.

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