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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Albert Einstein Belonged To Shia Sect--Irani Religious Leader

Chairman Iranian Experts Council Ayat Ullah Mehdowi Kanni has claimed that famous physicist and the founder of theory of Quantum and general and special relativity Albert Einstein belonged to Shia Sect. After his claim new discussion began on social media. It is noteworthy that Einstein was from the German-born American Jewish family. According to experts he followed his religion till his death. However, the claim of Ayat Ullah Mehdovi could not be verified from any other source. It is also not known that when did Mehdovi claim was revealed because at first the video clip was viewed on Persian websites. From there it was uploaded on You Tube. According to Persian social media of Iran, after accepting Shia faith, there took place correspondence between Einstein and Iranian religious leader Ayat Ullah Ali Brojori in 1960. However, no written record of this correspondence is available any where. The grandson Ayat Ullah Alvi of Ali Berjarvi said that there was no written correspondence between Einstein and his grand father used to convey his messages verbally to Einstein through Iranian scientist Dr Hisabi.

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