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Saturday, March 22, 2014

CM Punjab Talked To Cholistanis In Seraiki

Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif talked in Searaki language with the people of Cholistan in his visit of the area. He met with people and asked about their health and he also asked people whether there were deaths due to famine and and receiving reply in negative, his eyes were questioning the journalists. He visited a shed of animals in village Bhanoon Wala where he saw cows and goats and said these animals are as healthy as those of Punjab, why the rumours of famine were spread in the media. He avoided to take tea or lunch. He announced a two billion package for the welfare of the people of the area. There is dry span in the area and it is usual because annual rain fall is only 2 inches. However, it is a fact that children are dying but may not be due to hunger, there is some sort of epidemic which is causing deaths amongst the kids and also due to drinking of unhygeinic dirty water, but it is also the responsibility of Sindh government to provide them with medical facilities and clean drinking water. People specially the women have to fill the pitchers of drinking water from far off places and that water is not clean too.

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