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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is Former Chief Justice Preparing To Enter Politics?

It is un understandable that those people whom nation respects, love them due to their achievements for nation and country or the great unforgettable actions they have taken for people, want to step into dirt of Pakistani politics. And the end neither they succeed in politics not can restore their past respect. The recent example of Dr Abul Qadeer Khan who performed a marvellous job for the country by giving the nation the gift of atomic bomb and saving Pakistan from the aggression of its enemy. But what happened when he constituted his political party. Could he win a single seat in parliament? Rather he is forgotten by nation. Same thing happened to Asghar Khan. Actually, this is the greed of power and the respect they have been enjoying during their official position. That are mis uderstood by them. Parvez Musharraf had availed the enormous power as army chief, chief executive and president of Pakistan. He was the sole person who was the master of the luck of the people. The greed of power brought him to Pakistan and is passing his days in house arrest, court or hospital. Now former chief justice Iftekhar Muhammad Chaudhary is going to prepare to enter politics. At a first step he is preparing a strategy to constitute a think tank to ensure the rule of law in the country and to prove himself as an important and unavoidable figure for the country. He thinks his think tank will play an important role in national policy making. He did not learned any lesson from the past great personalities and their tragic ends in politics. The nation who did not stand by the sister of Founder of Pakistan, how can stand by him. If he wants to be remembered in history as honest chief justice of Pakistan must keep himself away from muddy politics of Pakistan.

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