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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Antony And Kejriwal Are Pakistan's Agents--Narandera Modi

Any person even if Indian prime minister uses or speaks a soft word about Pakistan or discloses any lie of India and reveals facts , he is Pakistan's agent near the extremist Hindus of India. Is there any doubt that India is the enemy of Pakistan? But those pro-India Pakistanis would not confess the facts. Today Narendra Modi targeted Defence Minister A K Antony and Arvind Kejriwal calling them, " Agents of Pakistan and enemies of India" and speaking its language. "Three AKs have emerged as unique strength for Pakistan. One is AK-47 which has been used to cause bloodshed in Kashmir. The second is A K Antony who informs Parliament people wearing dresses of Pak army beheaded our soldiers while our army says Pakistanis ha come. Who do you want to benefit with your statement..." he asked. He also took a dig at Kejriwal, who resigned after 49 days as Chief Minister of Delhi, as the " Third AK which is AK -49 who has just given birth to a new party" "The map on his party's website has shown Kashmir in Pakistan. A senior member of his party is shouting himself hoarse demanding plebiscite in Kashmir. Pakistan is dancing over their statements. These agents of Pakistan, enemies of India, you are speaking the language of Pakistan" he said. The truth is always bitter Modi! They have shown you and your India your true dirty face.

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