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Monday, March 3, 2014

Stealing Of Personal Data Of Pakistani High Profile Personalities

A plan has been revealed in which the secrets of Pakistani Important Personalities are being stolen trough using the names of foreign women on social media. Secret agencies have begun to investigate the plan. It is said that SMSs on mobile phone or trough social media the message by the names of foreign women are sent to VIPs which say that viewing their profile they want to have friendship with them. The messages further say that if they sent email on their addresses they (women) will send their personal information and pictures. These type of messages are being received continuously by politicians,, senior journalists and business and religious personalities. The sources say as soon as te addressee sends message in response to SMSs these women make access to the record of respondent under a conspiracy and steal all the personal information from the email address. The Pakistanis remain unaware that how much important information through them have been stolen.

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