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Monday, March 24, 2014

ANP Opposes Resolution For Hazara Province

The Senator Zahid Khan of Awami National Party has said that country does not need new provinces but needs peace. Zahid Khan has forgotten that country also needed peace when when they were making unrest in the country and were struggle to change the name of the province to KPK. Why did they they named the province on language basis? They could name it Khyber or Abasin. Why did not they care for the sentiments of the people speaking Saraiki and Hindku. Now how can ANP oppose the creation of new Hazara province. He also said that their ancestors supported Pakistan. How ? With the support of Indian congress? Whose ancestors did not like to have have their graves in Pakistan, according to them a slave country. When his ancestors favoured the creation of Pakistan. Zahid! you must not try to ignore the facts of history. Creation of Hazara province is the right of Hazarawals and they must get new province as Sarakis should get theirs. If provinces are to be made on linguistic bases. KPK assembly has rightly adopted the resolution.

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