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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Former President Musharraf And ISI Chief Were Aware Of Osama's Presence In Pakistan--- New York Times

American daily New York Times has accused that former president Musharraf and former ISI chief Gen Pasha were aware of the presence of Osama in Pakistan. ISI was divided on the issue of Osama, some of them were in favour while others opposed. It also accused that establishment had killed Ba Nazir Bhutto through Taliban. Correspondent Carlotta Gall of New York Times in her article claimed former president Parvez Musharraf had established a special desk for the security of Osama and the person running the desk was accountable to none but the president and the Pakistani government under former president and the then ISI chief Gen Parvez Ashfaq Kiani was taking care of and proving security to the affairs of Taliban. It has been claimed in the article that the sole purpose of favouring Taliban was to keep other terrorist groups in hand and to control Afghanistan's affairs as well. Calotta also alleged that though Pakistan was fighting against Taliban with USA apparently but it has also contacts with Al Qaeda, Taliban and Kashmiri fighter groups. She wrote that Gen Pasha was in the know of Osama's presence in Abbottabad as American authorities recorded a call a day after the operation in which he told some one about this. She further said Mulla Umar stayed in Pakistan after the occupation of Afghanistan by the USA, along with his guards.
British female Carlotta Gall, who is the correspondent for American newspaper New York Times for Pakistan and Afghanistan 2001, has always given negative, baseless and bias reports about Pakistan. Before this she had been reporting about Russia, Kosovo, Serbia, Chechenia and Mid Asia. She always ruined journalistic principles while reporting about Pakistan's institutions, nuclear program, national security and other issues.

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