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Friday, February 28, 2014

Pilgrims Cutting Ka'aba Threads Were Caught

Muslim Pilgrims going to Makkah in Saudi Arabia were caught for Hajj or Umra (Mini Pilgrimage)were caught on camera cutting the threads of Ka'aba cover, thinking they are blesed threads which will bring good luck to them. A You Tube film carried by the Saudi daily Ajel showed the pilgrims shoving and pushing each other to get threads from ka.aba, the most sacred point for Muslims. The paper quoted a well-known Muslim preacher as saying such practices are prohibited and urging pilgrims to stop taking reads. " Cutting off threads from Kaaba is hraram (prohibited) and dangerous for the Kaaba cover... although the pilgrims do it in good intention, they are making a big mistake" Nabil Al Awadi said. " Actually the cover takes blessing from Kaaba but neither it nor its threads have any blessing.

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