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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Let Us Play Cricket-- Nisar Invites Taliban

Interior minister Chaudhary Nisar invited Taliban to play cricket that will promote brotherhood. He said many Taliban are fond of playing cricket. Nisar said government was determined to make the country cradle of peace. But Taliban's spokesperson Sahid Ullah Shahid said they were strictly against cricket and disliked it as it was taking Pakistani youth away from 'Jehad'. He said Taliban were ready for talks any time but government was not sincere in continueing talks. He said they were ready to end dialogue should government come forward. It is astonishing Nisar is making fun of dialogue process by inviting Taliban to play cricket. Cricket is not even liked by many Pakistanis as it is a conspiracy of West to keep backward nations in time wasting games and end their ways to to progress. This games is the game of slaves and those countries who have the slaves of Britain play cricket. Game should not exceed hour or two but three hours game is wastage of time. Pakistan sports Board should promote football and hockey that are actual the games. Football is liked throughout the world while many countries do not play cricket.

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