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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Altaf Invites Military To Take Over The Power

A so -called politician who himself has hideout in England and has no courage like Parvez Musharraf to come to country and face the courts to defend himself and get clearance from the allegations, has invited Pak Army to take over the powers and uproot the "politician's called democracy" though it is not the one in the USA or England. Will he think that the most courageous and sensible army in the world follow his "foolish" suggestion?. Is army unaware of the fate of Parvez Musharraf who is passing through the toughest time of his life due to taking over, though he may not have done that much of a nonsense job for which he is being punished. Can Altaf be called "patriotic" in this scenario? Does he consider the present government insincere in eliminating terrorism? and invites military to come forward and diminish the extremists? Is not army at present fighting against the terrorists? Does present situation of law and order allow army to involve in politics and deploy its half of the personnels in administration of the country? Does military afford to leave internal and external threats unattended while our easter and western borders are unsafe? What an enemity with the country and the Pak army???!!!

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