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Friday, February 28, 2014

Parliamentarians Bring Wine And Girls To The Parliament Lodges--- Jamshaid Dasti

Independent Member National Assembly Jamshaid Dasti created a buzz in the National Assembly when the session was going on, blaming majority of the parliamentarians of immoral activities like drinking wines, bring female dancers and other girls to the Parliament Lodges. He added that the members enjoy dances (Mujras) of the girls throughout the night. He spoke on a point of order and said he wanted to bring an important matter to the notice of worthy Speaker of NA. When Jamshaid Dasti began to say about the immoral activities of parliamentarians, the members who were going out of the house came back and listened to his claims attentively. Jamshaid said wine worth Rs 40 to 50 million is brought to the lodges annually and more than 100 parliamentarians were involved in these type of activities. Closing Jamshaid's mike Naeema Kishore said he should come to Speaker's chamber and must provide proofs. Speaker asked Jamshaid if he had some proofs then he should bring them to light and the action will be taken against the persons involved. Jamshaid maintained his claims and said he had video of dances held in the lodges and will bring it on Friday. Speaker said help would be taken from the recoding of parliament lodges present in the national assembly secretriate. It is not a new thing as we send parliamentarians to the parliament who are liers, presenting fake degrees or dishonest or morally corrupt. What good they would do to the nation.

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