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Monday, October 22, 2012

Bansa Mouro Muslims Will Get Independant State By 2016 In Southern Phillipine

A movement whether it is for getting rights or is for any other positive purpose has far reaching impacts. Specially, the movements for freedom need a long span of time to get succeeded. Because movement has to pass through several phases and due to the conflicts with the occupants it has to go through many ups and downs. Sacrifices have to be presented for several generations and inb the last it is successful, but may take centuries. Dozens of Phillipine's islands are inhabited by Mouro tribe who have been fighting for freedom and independance for centuries. Though these islands have been occupied by several countries during last several decades but Mouro Muslims did not sit idle and have been fighting for their rights. They kept this struggle alive for centuries and fron generation to generation. In 1898 when Phillipine got freedom from Spain, the Mouro residing in the Mandanao and other islands, hoped that their centuries old identity will be restored but in vain. Ispite of Philipine's freedom Spain and the USA refused to recognize their separate identity, officially. The USA's interruption continued openly and practically they were the rulers. So, Philipines had to restyart their struggle again, in which Mouro tribe was in the forefront for freedom struggle. At last in 1946, USA gave full and complete freedom to Philipines. But the the luck of unlucky Mouros could not awakened and they suffered the same conditions as before. When Phillpine government reached to its extreme atrocities and brutalities on Mouro tribes and did not care for their Muslim identity, Mouro Muslims were compelled to take arms in hand and announced to start armed struggle for the freedom. They established Mouro National Liberation Front in 1979 to organize Mouro tribes against the government and fight for their genuine rights. The center of the struggle was the islands, specially, Mandanao where Muslims were the rulers during fifteenth century. Phillipine government declaring the struggle a rebel brought army against Mouro tribes and thus a protest movement transformed into armed struggle. Other smaller groups also joined the Mouro National Liberation Front and young people were recruited and were trained in guerilla war. A bloody war started that made a part of history.In 1978, the name of MNLF was changed to Mouro Islamic Liberation Front and objective of the struggle was now to the save the Islamic identity along with getting freedom.

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