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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is Levi The Father Of Garcia's Unborn Baby?

Already famous for impregnating Bristol Palin some two summers ago Levi Johnston now finds himself embroiled in another baby scandal. The National Enquirer says that Levi might have knocked up old girlfriend during the period of estrangement between the two engagements to Bristol. But, if really his old girlfriend Garcia is pregnant with his child that could be an obstacle for their engagement, if Garcia believes that Levi is the father of his child. Of course, it is still very unclear that Garcia's child was sired by playgirl model. "Levi insists the child is not his, but no one really knows, source said, Levi could be among the 3 possible fathers of Garcia's baby during the week of conception. Wow, it sounds like she is the girl who has really her act together. Guess there is not a lot to do in Alaska, well besides Lanesia Garcia.

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