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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Will Sell Briteny Spears Tape--- Adnan Ghalib

Celebrity's news photographer Adnan Ghalib, the ex-boyfriend of Briteny, says that he has a sex tape featuriung Briteny and himself. The British born Paparazzo whom she has been dating during her epic breakdown last winter, says he will sell the sex tape for right price. "There is such a tape but I would not discuss price for hypothetical enquireis, unless thee is locked in deal. I will go no further: Says Adnan. A source told the UK's The Sun that two hour XXX-rated footage features Britney Spears naked, wearing just a pink wig, and was shot in Mexico. Adnan and Britney went to Mexico together in January, not long before she went bonker and was hospitalized voluntarily for bipolar disorder. "The video starts with Britny undressing, says an Insider, " she was wearing some cheaper clothes she bought down thee at Rosarito in Mexico. The sex was not particularly kinky but Britney wears a pink wig throughout". " At one point in the tape Adnan asks Britney Spears to remove the pink bob but she refuses, saying take what off? There is nothing lerft to take off." The Insider also thinks that Britney's sex tape would be the top selling celebrity video sex tape ever, topping even the Paris Hilton-Rick Solomon romp, one night in Paris.

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