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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who Will Win The Coming US Presidential Election? Obama Or Romney---2

This time too, the swing states will play decicive role in the presidential election, as in the past. Among these statyes Wisconsin has 10 votes, Virginia 13 votes, Penysalvania(20), Ohayio (18), North Carolina (15), New Mexico (5), New Hampshire (4), Nevada (6), Mennisota (10), Michigan (16), Iowa (6), Florida (29) and Colorado with 9 votes. At present the major problem that the USA is facing is that of national economy. According to a survey 80 % Americans term it a burning issue. During the past three and half year the unemployment rate has been 8 % and economy is suffering from a loss of 8 billion dollars. According to Rasmosin's survey the employment is the part of this issue, rather the people already on may get deprived of the employment. Survey report further says that American could not realize that their condition was beter or worse than before. There economy issue will play an important role in the election. In the American election as stated earlier swing or "confused" states are such states where instead of one party's favor the decisions of the voters are changing from moment to moment and at eleventh hour they cast vote in favor or against a party. The USA is divided in two parts at the time of election, one where election compaign and activities remain continued and the other part is that where life activities get continued. Actually, majority of the states are in favor of democrates or republicans, but the decisions of swing states are changing all the time, among them the important one is Ohio state where unemployment rate is less than the national rate and it has a record in the past that the candidate who got votes from this state he won the election, because it has 18 electoral votes. Therefore the state influence the results of the election effectively.

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