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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Technologies Will Change The World

The progress and development of global society on the globe is, no doubt, due to technologies. Though, human society is in the process of progress since its creation but day to day development in the field of Scoence and Technology has hastened it. Therfore, new inventions are comig to light continuously. Among them some have global impacts. Here are the some of the creations and discoveries that if adapted commonly have the capability to change the world. *-- Quick And Cheaper DNA Sequencing:- The name of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) and DNA test are not unfamiliar to common people now. DNA is actually Nucleic Acid that carries all the genetic information of living creatures. The part of DNA where these information are saved is called "Gene". DNA sequencing is the process of reading the information saved in the genes. DNA sequencing has most important role in the Basic Bilological Research and is being used in various walks of life. The speed of DNA sequencing has increased manifold due to new technologies and cost on sequencing has decreased too, significantly. Due to the progress in the Nucleic Acid Chemistry, the companies like "Life Technologies" process DNA on a semi-conduter chip for $ 1000 only. Othe companies can organize complete genome in a day. The quick progress and decrease in the cost of DNA sequencing can be estimated from the fact that human genome sequencing took 3 years and its cost was $ 3.8 billion.

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