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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Raja Parvez Ashraf Will Meet The Fate Like Gilani

Many people rightly thought that government will be practicing delaying tactises in writing letter to Swiss authorities about Bank accounts of Asif Ali Zardari. This was seen in the last hearing of the case. Law minister delibrately put a paragraph that was negating the contents of the ist two paragraphs. Apex court had reservations about the pragraph. Law minister is reteatedly saying that president has immunity and that he reitriated yesterday too. How would he write a letter according to the wish of the court?. He also said that he does not assure the court that the letter will be amended according to their directions but he will consult orime miniter for which he sough more time. The government, if writes letter to Swiss authorities even then it will definetely approach to the Swiss court through back door and may get delayed in the deciosion till Zardari may not be in office. The Pakistani politicians usually are in the power (government) or outside the country. They come to Pakistan only to rule. If present president does not come in power for next term he will be out like Altaf Hussain and will control the party by remote control system. What the surity is that the letter, if written at all accordance with the courtt directions will be the same sent to Swiss court. PPP is too smart and has many means to deal with the matter.

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