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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Students Of Hamdard University Have Developed Solar Cooker

The students of the department of power engineering of Hamdard University have invented solar cooker that can cook meal using solar energy. The team leader Waqar Ahmad told that during the present crisis of gas and electricity "Solar Cooker" is the best alternative for cooking meals, making tea or getting hot water. The body of the cooker is made up of wood while its upper part is made from transparent glass, through which the sunlight enters into the cooker. The inner part is of shining almunium metal and inner body is blackeded that has the capability of absorbing maximum temperature. It maitains temperature to the extent of 165 degrees centigrade. The sunlight's hot rays entering into the cooker can not get out due to strong transparent glass and the dish kept in the cooker gets cooked at specific temperature. Students Azkar Ahmad, Waqar Ahmad, Shah Zeb Mahmud Hashim Samad of the Hamdard University under the supervision of Nadeem Mian engineer have developed this cooker that costed PKR 2000 only. They said that in Pakistan sunshine is available for 12- 14 hours and in the presence of sunlight Solar Cooker can cook pulses, vegetables and meat. It is useful when one is going to travel to far flung areas and during the journey. The students said the present era is of using solar energy and solar apparatuses are getting popular.

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