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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Iran Is Set To Build Atom Bomb Within 4 Months---ISIS

American Institute for Science and International Security has reported that Iran will make atom bomb with in next 4 months. It said that Iran has nade progress in enrihment of uranium, however, they say that America and International Atomic Energy Institute will know if Iran steps ahead. According to reports Iran needs 42 kilograms enriched uranium for making a atom bomb, for which 2-4 months are required. On other side Isrel has installed Patriot missiles on norther border to strengythen nits military capabilities. However, experts could not tell that why Israel deployed patriot missile. Informed sources say that after the the spy plane was hit on October 6 in the Israeli air, the government is under pressure on political and army sides. This spy plane was on surveillance flight in the desert over the the Israeli atomic installations. Moreover, Foreign Policy Magazine has revealed that the USA and Israel are thinking of surgical operation on Iranian atomic installations. They will use B 52 planes and drones for the operation. Magazine further reported that with this operation USDA will not face much opposition because the civil population will be safe from the destruction only atomic installations will be targetted. In this way president Obama will also get rid of the critism for his Middle East plocy by Mitt Romney before election.

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