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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bansa Mouro Muslims Near To Get Independance--2

In Phillipine till 1996, civil war continued, then dialogues were held between Mouro Islamic Front and Phillipine government and it was agreed to give independance to Mandana island, but some of the freedom fighter groups did not like it. so, agreement could not succeed and war continued bertween Philline army and Mouro tribes, in which more than 0.120 milion people were killed. However, after the first dialogues, the series of other dialogue were held intermittently in which Malaysia played an important role. At last Malaysian attempts got successful and both the sides agreed on peace agreement. On October 15, 2012 an agreement was signed between the Phillipino representative Mardak Lenin and Iqbal rtepresentative of MILF. On the occasion, Abdul Ghaffar from Malaysia, Chief of MILF Murad Ibrahim, Malaysian prime minister Najeeb Razzaq and president of Phillipine Akeeno were also present. It was agreed in the agreement to constitute a 15- member commission to prepare constitution and law for Bansa Mouro underwhich refrendum will be held to know the trend of the people. The independance process will be completed by 2016 and meanwhile under the constitution different poweres will be transfered and formula for sharing of resources as well as that of treasury will be decided. The important thing is that the aemed groups of Mouro Islamic Liberation Front will be disarmed gradually for maintaining peace in the area. Phillines authorities say that those groups who did not support the agreement will be convinced for the coooperation, ther are supporters of the agreement within these groups. The analysts say that with the implementation of the agreement new era of prosperity will usher because, years long war has damaged the economic conditions of Southern Phillipines.

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