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Saturday, October 20, 2012

From Atheism To Islam--- Dr Ali Poulson---1

If one has true determinaton and wish to seek the right path, Allah directs him on the straight path and bestowes him the light of vision and wisdom. Dr Ali Poulson's life is a shining example of this. Ali Poulson who represents Muslim community of Russia carries a lesson for other searching for the truth in the world. Ali Poulson's life history in his own words. He says," I was born in a non-religious family that did not believe in Allah (God). I was nourished in non-religious environment". But from childhood I believed in an "Unknown" God who could always help me. I got admission in Moscow State University in the separtment of phiosophy specially to know the truth. During the decade of 70's there was no real alternative for communism idealogy.except Orthodox church. I entered a church in the age of 16 years for the first time in my life. This was not a free selection of any religion from heart. Because one has to compare a thing to be selected but I had no such an idealogy with me to compare with orthodox. This was only a way of refusal to materialistic life based on false idealogies. So, I reached to church that was opened. I could not get an emploment in the church as a gaurd even in the first attempt. In the second attempt i was told that I had still effects of communist idealogy of Leninism and Marxism. Third time I was allowed to enter the training center of Christians. In 1983 I started work as a priest. At that time this job for me was a symbol of spiritual and thinking struggle against materialism. In Moscow where i lived government did not allow me to work so I had to travel to central Asian states.

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