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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catalytic Clothings-- Will Clean Polluted Air

Clothes are to wear for hiding the body and save it from severity of the weathers. However, now clothese have been introduced by the British researchers that will minimize the pollution of the air. The researchers of the University of Shafield and London College of Fasion have kept photo catalytic material in these special clothes that will clean the air and will decrease the amount of nitrogen oxide existing in the air. Nitrogen oxide is the basic element that pollutes air and it is emitted by the vehicles. It causes asthma and other fatal respiratory diseases. If a person gets out of the house after wearing the clothes made from this material will eliminate as much quantity of nitrogen oxide in the air as much as it is emitted by a family car. These clothes are callede "Cat Clo" which is the abbreviation of catalytic clothings. The nano paticles of titanium oxide are kept in the clothings that can absorb and eliminate the pollution of nitrogen oxide in the air. These clothes will neither be bad smelling nor dangerous for health and the absorbed material will diminish with washing of the clothings. According to experts these will not be special type of clothibngs but same as common clothes are and will have no health risks and unhealthy effects.

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