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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

T 20 Cricket Matches Are Fixed Through Umpires---- Indian TV

In the Sting operation TV channel of India it has been revealed that International T20 and International League cricket matches are fixed through umpires too. According to Indian TV channel they conducted a sting operation in which 6 umpires from Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh, collectively, agreed to change the decisions already done during the International T 20 matches for money, while one Bangladeshi umpire refused to do so. These 6 umpires include Anees Ghauri and Aneees Siddiqui from Pakistan, Nadir Shah from Bangladesh and Gamni Desa Naike, Moris Winsten and Sigara Gala from Srilanka, while seventh umpire from Banladesh Shafi Ud Daula refused to change decision for money. Indian TV channel blamed that in the sting operation Bangladeshi Umpire Nadir Shah said he is ready to fix matches in any of the International, County or League tournament. Nadir Shah who has been umpire in 40 one day and 3 test matches revealed, Indian TV further accused, that Pakistani Batesman Nasir Jamshid has also been involved in match fixing in Bangladeshi premier league. Nadir Shah said that he was contacted by West Indies cricketer Marlone Samuels also contacted him during Bangladeshi premier league for giving decision in his fasvor. He said that Bangladeshi umpires always decide in favor of their players and they are also directed by Bangla cricket board for doing so. Srilankan umpire of premier league panel Sigara who was furth umpire during the warm up match on the sideline of T20 World cup match revealed that he was ready to disclose pitch report, weather report, toss report and also playing eleven of boththe teams for $ 50,000. He promised to decide in favor of Indian team and also was ready to manage match referree and other officials. Sigara further told that during Srilankan premier League he declared the not out of Imran Nazir as out for money. Nadim Ghauri who worked as umpire on 43 one day, 14 test matches and 4 T20 told during sting operation ( as Indian TV blamed)that he was ready to give out to any not out bateman in any format. He also blamed ICC to be racist when any Asian umpire commits mistake he was caught but the blunder of white umpire was ignored declaring it as a human errror. Srilankan umpire Sigara Gale also suggested the TV reporter the name of an other Srilankan umpire Moris Winsten for match fixing. Moros agreed to tell the pitch report and names of playing elevens of both the teams during match between England and Australia to be held on September 17 for $ 50,000. Another umpire Gamini assured to creat rebell among the players of Srilankan team for money and also told that he used to supply wine to officials of cricket board. TV reporter further blamed that another Pakistani umpire Anees Siddique was ready to decide in favor of India for money and assured that he would manage the authorities of Pakistani cricket board. However, the Bangladeshi umpire Shafiud daula refused to give decision in favor of India for money. During the operation the real faces of another two cricket officials Minhaju Din Khan and Sandeep Bhamar were also unveiled. Minjhaj ud din Khan who is the media manager of gladiators of Bangladeshi premier League revealed that Pakistani player Azhar Mahmood wante to fix match during Srilankan premier league but he could not play the event. He also disclosed that Pakistani cricketers Shahid Afridi, Rana Naveed Ul Hassan and Ahmad Shazad used to hire call girls after matches. He said that Bangladeshi opener Tameem Iqbal used to visit Malysia during vacation and received money throgh "Hawala" (Reference). Pro,oter of Srilankan premier league Sandeep agreed to give the sponsorship of all the franchizes for $ 40,000. His franchize Kandorata Warrior took part for which he demanded $20, 000 to give sponsorship and told that money may be paid to his agent in Bombai. ICC has rejected the blames of Indian TV's sting operation and said that none of the umpire on their panel was involved in this dirty task. The names of the umpires given were notn on their elite panel. However, Nadeem Ghauri and Nadir Shah had been on teir panel. Nadeem Ghauri has also rejected the blames and said that he had no concerns wity Srilankan League.

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