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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ten Million Emails Are Sent In A Minute On Internet

Internet is the most quick source of contacting, talking messaging and many more now a days with the relatives and loved ones. Let us have a look at the use of Internet by the users and what happens in one minute. On Internet 204 million mails are sent in a minute. Emazone sells items worth $83, 000, 20 million picture are watched and 3.00 are uploasded on Flicker. Six million pages of Facebook are seen in the world, music expanding on 61,000 hours is listened on Pandora. More than one million video clips are wqatched on youtube. Today the number of network equipments is equal to the world population, while the number of these equipment will double the world population. Majority of the people get information through thee mobile equipments and Internet. Due to the use of these equipments the traffic of data network has increased manifold. The traffic uses include listening of music, watching videos, downloading pictures, playing online games, twitter feeds and facebook updates. The picture shows that 640 tetrabites data are transformed in only 60 second into one internet minute through network.

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