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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Attack On Bold And Courageous Malala Has Paved The Way For Operation In North Waziristan

The lonely bold and courageous little girl has been carrying out the task that thousands people could not do. Nation love Malala and prays day and not for her quick recovery. The cowardly attack on Malala has created a deep wave of anger against the attackers. May Allah bestowe her the health, long life and the same active life prior to attack, and Malala, the pride of nation may be able to carry out her mission of enlightenment and as a minar of light and knowledge for the youth. The step the fake "Taliban" has taken is against the tradition of Pakhtoons, they never attack women, girls and children, but the attackers have neither religion nor reconize any tradition nor they are corageous who attack a lttle unarmed girl. She fight against them with pen and paper, she had no gun thery had to fight too with the same weapon but they have no courage. The bullets of the same gun that injured Malala hit the other two girls Shazia and Kainaat, but we regret to say that neither government nor people are caring about them. They are being treated in government hospitals, where neither specialist nor medicines are available. Would government tansfer them to CMH or any private hospital. Though they are not as serious as Malala is but they are innocent too and the other bullets that had to hit Malala have targetted them. They also desreve the treatment at par to Malala. When police investigaste any crime or murder it look into the reasons and causes of that crime that who is going to be benefitted from this killing. Now, let us have a look at the deep rooted cause of the attack on Malala? Only Taliban? or teir gaurdfathers? India, Isrtael, or USA? The USA has been insisting Pakistan army to conduct operation in North Waziristan but , Pak Army did not do? Now the way has beeen paved and authorities are thinking about the operation. Who is going to be benefitted? Our reasers are too intelligent to conceive.

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