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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pakistani Models And Actresses Have Relations With Police And Underworld

The Pakistani actresses and models belonging to showbiz keep strong relations with police officers and criminal elements to influence producers and companions. Due to having contacts with criminal and legal world that are used to get legal and illegal jobs done and get the roles in stage dramas, films or other showbiz related affairs. These include today's actresses Sajna, dancer Khushboo, Nadia Chaudhary, Nargis, Nida Chaudhary and Nirma while Reema and Nainaan had also deep contacts with the underworld. Similarly, in the past models and actresses had relations with police officers usually to stay permanently in the showbiz, while during current situation they prefer to have contacts with famous personalities who have enough influence in the underworld too. majority of the actresses keep gunmen with them to scare producers, directors and other concerned persons in the showbiz to get work, because they they also have relations with such criminals whose name is enough for the stage directors to immediately give the dancers or actresse the role. According to sources, the actresses have one difficulty in having relations with police officers or underworld that they could attend any funtion at their will but now they will have to obey the otders of their gaurdfather and will be restricted to home after their work and their activities are monitored. If they violate this restrictions then they will have to face the severe consequences. In the past Nargis had relations with police inspector Abid Boxer. Meanwhile, she had also relations with retired DIG Javed Shah. Nowa days she has also relations with a police officer Hafiz Majid who is reafy to give statement in favor of actress in Juna Butt murder case. Similarly, in the past Reema had relations with Police Inspector Kiramat who is promoted now. When actress Nainan was killed she had relations with a criminal who runs business and also has influence politically and in the film industry too. Khushboo had relations with Asto Numberdar, Sangeeta with Bao Afzal, Nirma with Kiramat Gujar, while Sana had relations with Kalu Shah Poria.

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