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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Imran Go Ahead Nation And Nation's Prayers Are Wiith You

Imran Khan! at present no one asmong the ploticians is like you. Nation is hoping for a new Pakistan that will come into being by you. A Pakistan free of corruption, crimes, target killing, suicides, sectarism, injustices, price hike and a worth living Pakistan for the poor and the honest people. Corrupt people will be out to their ancestral countries finding no place for corruption in Pakistan. Every Pakistani will get Justice (Insaf). Insha Allah. Almighty Allah will forgive our sins by electing corrupt people. Imran Khan you are so straight farward and sipmle that you are convenced by the bogus survey of RIA and you admitted youself that you popularity fell down by 10 % No Khan nothing is down you are on the go. Do not you know that these companies conducting surveys are for sale who pays its results will be concluded in their favor. Secondly, the statistics is the most deceiving science, if proper procedure id not adapted. Survey specially needs a large and random sampliong not in a limited area and in the area that is going to be favored. Inspite of having larger least significant difference (LSD's) the results do not differ significantly. A huge data when analyzed is seen to be at par to each other. Thirdly, conduting surveys like this, the experimental units are divided into groups e.g. young boys legible for voting and above 18-25 or 30 is grouped together, then women in separate group, illiterate, educated, urban, rural, aged all have to grouped separately. Then experimental area is divided sample are take coillecxted from one locality. Questionaires are divided. Imran Khan no organizatrion that is paid takes that much trouble. This was done to show a specific political party to have rising popularity. Is there no mathematician, or thinker in your party who could reach to the bottom of the secret of the syrvey. The fall if at all occur that is not the reason that you are losing popularity. Some opportunists who had joined you party for higher offices seeing no place for themselves returned to their original platefarms do not count as the members of your party. However, you have to still be careful for the worshippers of rising sun. The peace march to South Waziristan is another landmark acheivement on your credit. No party could dare to show soladarity with the people who lost their lives or their loved one died in drone attacks. Tribal notables will welcome you, They are hospitable, you are guest. They will provide you all the security. Political administration is making lame excuses of attacks. Tribal people do not kill guests if they come to their homes even he has killed their scores of relatives. Go ahead you are the winner.

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