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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Former PM Gilani Has Broken His Silence

Former prime minister and the vice chairman of the PPP Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said," Bangladeshi model has been implemented in the country, all the decisions are made somewhere else and the parliament has no power, parliament has been made powerless that could not get its powers, my wings have been cut, I have left dependency on government, I am going back to masses and will learn flying again." Gilani's this statement imndicates differences and contradictions within the ranks and files. Government double standard is obvious from the strategy that it has sacrificed one prime mionister while has decided to write letter to Swiss authorities to save another prime minister. The sytatement of Gilani about cutting his wings is meaningful. He was kicked out of prime minister house under a strategy and has been prisoned in president house to keep him away from the public. Former PM has been provided an accomodation adjescent to Animal yard in an unpleasant and dirty environment. His visitors are also discouraged to meet him, if anybody dares to come in the bad smellimg environment, he is treated so harshly and rudely that the visitor would not dare to come back. President house sources have confirmed that the relation between the "Host" and the "Guest" are not as cordial as were before the verdict of the apex court about Gilani to quit the premiership. Gilani himself told his friend that he has been limited to his residence and is not invited to the important meetings. He is only invited in the meetings that are as fill in the blanks and just to sign on the pre decided events. Former prime minister further said that his visitors are insulted on the excuse of security checks and their list are being prepared. They are tagetted and their genuine needs are not fulfilled. There are some many other differences within the party that will be exposed when the party becomes powerless.

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