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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RAW Agents Are Promoting Liberalism And Secularism In Pakistan

RAW agent Marvi Sarmad is a member of SAFMA. a Human Rights Organization, NGO and has been tasked to pollute the minds of the youth by distorting the Islamic/ Pakistani Idealogy and values. RAW agent Marvi Sarmad maintains sexual relations with high ranking government officers, journalists and politicians. She supplies girls and wines to her friends/aquintances and uses sexual contacts for getting various benifits. The agent has been specially assigned the task to promote liberalism and secularism upto an extent that she does not even care polluting the Islamic Conceptss. Due to her extreme critism of Islam giving wrong vesion of Islamic Beliefs, FATWA ( Decision of Islamic Scholars) was also issued against her by Khatm e Nabbuwat Movement ( End of Prophetism on Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Mujtaba PBUH)) declaring her a QADIANI (Belevers of Prophet After Muhammad Mustafa PBUH). People of Pakistan urged the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take Sou Motu action against these RAW's SAFMA terrorists and sentence them under constitution article 61. The name of husband of Marvi Sarmad, the RAW agent is Sarmad Manzoor who is son of Manzoor Ahmad. Manzoor was born on October 07, 1967 in Iraq. The name of agent's daughter is Rohail Sarmad and their Lahore's address is House # 10, Mirza Street, Jinnah Park Lahore. Her daughter is also following the footsteps of her agent mother and high probability prevails that she will also become an agent too. RAW agent Marvi Sirmad did her Matriculation from Government Girls High School Chuburji Gardens Lahore. She was a C- Grade student who usually failed on the examinations and was a pathetic student but turned out to be an extremely successful RAW agent. The RAW agent Marvi Sarmad can be been seen in the arms of a famous Pakistani journalist, a columnist and an anchorperson of private TV channel. Agent;s full name is Marvi Sarmad d/o Chaudhary M Anwar ul Haq. Her previous name was aliases as Shazia Anwar ( but she changed her name on the advise of a Hindu Numerologist for impacting social life). She has so many house in big cities of Pakistan. RAW Agent's Address No 1:-- House # 16 A, Street # 61, Sector F-7/4, Islamabad. Address No 2:-- House # 130 E, Sector 2, Punjab Cooperative Planning Society Lahore. Adrees No 3:-- House # 6/24 A, Street # 15, Ferozpur Road Lahore.

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