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Monday, October 15, 2012

Amaima And Vidya Nominated For Asian Pacific Screen Award In Best Actress Category

Niminations have been finalized for Asian Pacific Screen Awards, the function will be held in Bursbain on November 23. Pakistani actress Amaima Malik will compete Indian actress Vidya Balen in the category of best actress. Amaima has been nominated for her best performance in Pakistani film "Bol'. while Vidya was nominated on her best performance in Bollywood's superhit movie "Dirty Picture". Other actresses nominated for the category are Korean actress Shoe Minso, Russian actress Darya Eka Masawa and Phillipino actress Nora Owner. Among the other personalities personalities nominated from Bollywood are director Anurag Kaship who has been nominatd for film "Gangs of Wasa Pur" while Irafan Khan has been nominated for the same movie in the best actor category. It is noteworthy that Amaima Malik has also been honored with award of best actress during current year in Asian Awards held in London.

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