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Friday, June 30, 2017

News And Views--- June 30, 2017

Arrested MNA Jamshed Dati has broken down and now crying for help to save his life. He alleged that he was starved and tortured by police and snakes, rats and scorpions are released in his jail cell. **-- Dasti Sahib! According to an Urdu poet- Is Tarah tu hota hae Is Tarah Ke Kamoon mein ( it happens like this in the matters you are involved in). Of course you are a poor man, an independent MNA, no political party on your back, you are not landlord, but you are Pakistani. Did not you know there is no law, no rule and no justice in my beloved country?, yes! there is only Jungle Law. When you were beating doctors in hospital or beating police men in police station, were you unaware that one day you can come in the hands of police?. When you abused rulers, did you forget that you are neither Imran Khan nor Zardari or Bilawal from whom government is scared itself and can not raise even finger towards them ? Being honest and patriot is fine but not in Pakistan. If you had no tolerance to bear violence and torture then why did you put your hands in dirt. Now tolerate whether your dead body comes out of jail or you yourself live. Ok Wish you good luck!
Twelve people died and two were injured when a local made chairlift 'doli' fell due to breaking of its cable. It was made to carry six people while at the time of accident twelve people were sitting in it. **-- Accident like this are not new in Pakistan as no check is done on buses plying on the roads whether they are worth running or not. Most of the accidents take place due to weaker tyres, and other mechanical faults. Babar Awan has resigned from the senate seat as he has joined PTI. At the time of joining he talked to media and said Imran Khan is the next prime minister. **-- He is right but he did not say that he joined PTI because after coming into power he would get senator seat again. There are nearly 11 months of this government and what was the use of keeping senate seat with him. Five motor way police officers have been suspended. DSP, inspector, Si and petrolling officer were held responsible for the oil tanker incident in which 184 people died. ** This is just fill in the blanks. Today they are suspended tomorrow they will be reinstated when people will forget the the sad event due to some other and new worst event. It is said action is being taken against two thousand personalities for involvement money laundering of billion of rupees through gifts. **-- Nothing would come out that can result in recovering money from the culprits and handing over to national treasury. As there are million of people not in thousands who are involved in different kinds of corruption. PM has already refused to take action against culprits as he was busy in developmental works of the country that are more important.

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