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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

If Nawaz Sharif Appeared Before The JIT, So What? Many World Leaders Resigned And Appeared Before Courts After Panama Leak Scandal

PM Nawaz Sharif, His sons and his younger brother Shahbaz Sharif appeared before JIT, and all are posing as they have done a great beneficence, kindness and favor to the nation, while their Kafgirs (Spoons) are also beating the drum in the same tune and singing in the same rhythem like supreme court and JIT have brutalized them and humiliated them. Though it is the great kindness of the nation and other fora that have been given the chance to Sharif Family clear themselves from the charges and present the proofs of the money and huge property they have. It is common practice of the great nation and great leaders in the world, if they are accused of any corruption or other charges they immediately resign them selves voluntarily and present themselves for accountability. Where as the matter appearing before the JIT is concerned, when the chief executive (PM) of Israel, whom we Muslims consider great enemy; can present himself before a police officer (Of the status of SHO in Pakistan) as a witness in a case and resolves to come to police station any time if called by police officer, then what is harm of PM to appear before the honourable judges and respected members of JIT, appointed by supreme court. If our "Great" parliamentarians, specially of N league do not know who were the great leaders of the great nations who resigned as soon as their names appeared in the Panamama Leak papers, then let me make them know the names of those great personalities. On April 5, 2016, the prime minister of Iceland, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsso and stepped down after his name appeared in Panama Leaks. Sigmunder and his wife had only one offshore company Wntris s. Similarly, Panama Leaks controversy foced Ukranian Prime Minister to vacate office on April 10, 2016. On april 15, 2016, Spanish industrial minister relinquished charge of his office as his name was mentioned in Leaks. Other key names who resigned on moral grounds include Chile Transparency Internationale's President, FIFA Ethics Committee member John and ABN AMRO Member of Supervisory Board Bert who resigned on April 07,2016. Accountability is always started from the upper side so that if people responsible for the fate of the nation are prooved to be dishonest and are sentenced that would be a lesson for lower class and specially for officials of different departments. Chief executive of Pakistan said once that he knew there was a lot of corruption in the country but he was so busy in developmental works that it would be wastage of time to curb corruption, what a funny? this is a great joke for the world and laughable comments. But where is the development? Are bridges and roads construction counted as development where only steel and iron is used or are there any big dams under construction to end load shedding? If a government that can not end the scarcity of electricity, how it can claim of doing developmental work.? Situation of good governance is seen nowhere. Implementation of law is far away and upper class do not care for it.

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