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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Qatari Prince Refused To Appear Before JIT (Video)

It already seemed that Qatari prince would never appear before JIT, and now he is speaking the language of rulers, who are trying their best to make JIT controversial. Some times their people on the directives of N League upload the picture of Hussain Nawaz sitting alone and worried, and some times their statements are uttered by some minister criticising the role of Jit. It seems they have nothing to give proofs of their purchase of foreign properties. It is just a lame excuse that the leaked photo of Hussain Nawaz has made him concerned about the appearance before JIT. Supreme court had already asked the JIT members that if Qatari prince is not coming to appear before the JIT, hisletter is trash and may be thrown out on the road through the window. If this all would have happened against any politician in European or other country, after this sort of humiliation the accused would have resigned fron his office and may have committed suicide rather than facing the public.

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