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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Former Agent OF MI-5 Hopkins Confessed After 20 Years The Murder Of Princes Diana (Videos)

According to a British New Web Site, 80-year-old former agent of British Intelligence Agency MI-5 John Hopkins has revealed after 20 years that he had murdered Lady Diana. He confessed killing of 23 persons from 1973 to 1999 including Lady Diana. He told that among all the persons he killed Lady Diana was the only and quite a different woman. As she was the member of royal family, so his murder order were also issued by the royal family. He said Diana was kind hearted and a beautiful woman, he was too sad on killing her but he was compelled to do so as she had put the royalty in danger. He said he was revealing the secret after a ling time because his life is left a few weeks or so and he can die any time. He further revealed on this regard that after Diana's murder it was necessary to bring media on one page which was done successfully. He said no free media exists in Britain. He said he could be arrested on this revelation after 20 years but he did not care for it, it was an extremely complicated case that could run for years in the court. Because the central witness of this murder was my boss who has died in 2000, while the master mind of this plan prince Phillips would never be sentenced. Courtesy (

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