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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rishi Kapoor's Anti_Pakistan Non-Sense Tweets Continue

Bollywood Rishi Kapoor's love for cricket has landed him in hot water. Previously, Kapoor and Son's star was shut down by Pakistanis after he mocked Pakistani team about the India-Pakistan final on June 18, even before the Indian cricket team had qualified for it. Now, the Indian cricket team will officially be competing against Pakistan on Sunday, it was expected that Rishi will return with more mean tweets and he did! The bobby actor took to Twitter yesterday after India's win against Bangladesh in semi finals, He posted, " We do not need to say anything more! Tradition of destroying opposition, as has been the case will continue, Blues are invincible" He then mocked Pakistan Cricket Board, " PCB. Cricket team bhejna please. Earlier hockey ya Kho Kho team bhejin thin. Kyon ki 18th June (Fathers Day) Baap khel raha tumhare saath lol!” Soon after Rishi's tweet, Pakistanis were back at it, giving Rishi a piece of their mind. "PCB tu phr team bhej rahi ha But BCCI , ap aessay kuttay na bhejna"

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