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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Qatar Extends Hands Of Friendship And Nexus To Iran Against Saudi Arabia (Video)

Cutting of diplomatic ties of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen is never ever justified, as Qatar has nothing done that much wrong that Muslim states specially Arab ones leave it isolated. It is nothing but the order and conspiracy of The Great Terrorist Of This Century. who want to Divide and rule the Muslim countries and all these states one day will have the fate like Iraq, Afghanistan Libya and Egypt. Who conducted the terrorist's activities in Muslim countries? Will it forgive you? What for? This is just beginning of the disaster and destruction that your states will meet very soon. Revise your decision and make the unity of Muslim Umma stronger, otherwise your this hidden enemy and apparent friend will slaughter you. Pakistan must not follow the footsteps of Arab States. Qatari Prince is supporting Nawaz Sharif regarding Panama case and apart from personal interests this is the serious matter and problem of a Muslim state, it must not be left alone. The states who have severed diplomatic ties with Qatar are "Baigharat" sorry readers, the Urdu word I used explains the real and actual position of Arab states that none of the English word can do.

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