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Friday, June 16, 2017

Election Commission Has Released The asset Details Of Parliamentarians For 2016

According to the details of the assets of parliamentarians released by the election commission PM Nawaz Sharif is the richest parliamentarian having declared assets worth more than Rs one billion and 620 million, while he said he has no property in foreign countries. While PM declared the price of Jati Umra as " Four Million Rupees". The price of PM's Upper Mall Lahore property was shown worth Rs 250 million, PM has Rs 0.7 million furniture while he has pets including birds pricing Rs five million, first lady Begum Kalsoom Nawaz has jewellary pricing Rs 1.5 million. PM is the owner of three cars and two tractors. While son of PM, Hussain Nawaz has transferred more than Rs 230.5 million to foreign countries. On other side chairman PTI Imran Khan has assets of one billion 400 million rupees, he has no property outside and the price of his Bani Gala has been declared worth Rs 750 million. Imran Khan has shown Bani Gala land as a gift. The price of office in Khan house is Rs 5.9 million while his house in Zaman Park is of Rs 300 million. Imran Khan has four goats pricing 0.2 million rupees while he has no car, he had sold a car in 2016. He has investment of Rs 500 million. Imran Khan has furniture worth Rs 0.6 million. The son of Punjab CM Hamza Shahbaz has assets of Rs 350 million. The chief of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rashid has assets of 400.7 million rupees while chief of JUi Maulana Fazal Rahman has Rs 6.4 million assets. The son-law of PM Captain (R) Safdar has assets of Rs 10.42 while he did not declared the car having price of of Rs 6 million that his wife Maryam Nawaz was gifted in UAE. Safdar declared the price of his car sold in Saudi Arabia worth Rs 2 million. According to election commission the speaker of national assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has Rs 190 million, leader of PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi Rs 500 million and Jangir Tareen Rs 780 million in the form of assets. Tareen did not declare helicopter and plane in the delaration forms. However, he declared five cars in the assets. Opposition leader Khurshid Shah is having Rs 300 million as his assets, Federal minister finance Ishaq Dar has Rs 580 million and arms of Rs 23, 528 in his assets. However he said he has no property in foreign country. Chaudhry Aetezaz Ahsan has Rs 100 million of assets. Jamshed Satti is the poorest parliamentarian of all, he has neither home nor any car. CM Punjan Shahbaz Sharif has assets of Rs 330.7 million, he 20.45 million bank balance and a land cruiser worth Rs 10.45 million. He has Rs 40 million property in Pakistan while Rs 120 million flat in London. He has investment of nearly Rs 10 million.

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