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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bollywood Actors Have Nothing Intersting For Me--- Kareena

Kareena Kapoor finds no diffeence in the life after getting married. Sharing how she maintains her balance between professional and personal life, she talks about her next film "Satyagraha" where she plays a journalist. "Just recently when we were in America and sicussing about people inquiring about the difference while being unmarried and married? However, we wondereed why do people ask such questions? It is just the same. There is not much of a difference. I was working then and even now working", shares the actress. When asked whether her life is as free as when she was single, she confesses "No, I am even free now. I do what I feel is good for me. I have always been a responsible person even before marriage. I shouldered my responsibilities towards my mom, my family. Similarly, being married now, I have to shoulder my responsibilities towards Saif {Ali Khan} also" and assds " Well Saif is a 43-old responsible man He can care of himself" Talking about relationship with her husband's family, " I have a great support from my mom-in-law as well as Saif. I have a ball. The way I hasd during our dating days. Saif is also the same; I do not find any difference in him before and after marriage. I also hope he does not change" and adds, "all praises to my mom-in-law {Sharmila Tagore}. Shedding light on her character in "Satyagraha", "Playing the journalist, I feel I belong to the media fratenity, I have always supported the media. The media should be very responsible as they spread news and also help in bringing about the changes required" She adds, " Given I chance I would love to interview Bratt Pitt from Hollywood. I feel Bollywood actors have nothing intersting for me." Given one oppotunity to participate in real "Satyagraha", she would fight for the cause of women's safety. "Women need safety in our country. The anger of the youth is on peak. If we need a secure India, we have to change the law. It is the time to reasses the law".

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