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Monday, September 23, 2013

Peshawar Church Bomb Blasts--- The Reaction Of Initiating Talks Wih One Group Of Taliban

The tragic incident pf two bomb blasts in Kohat road church Peshawat that killed 81 innocent people including women and children who were praying to God that Muslims offer prayer to Him in Mosques. The question of their being human beings or Muslims is outdated. They are brain washed and hypnotised they do not know what they are doing. Jindullah group has acceptedthe responsibilty of bomb blasts. This is the threat and reaction of government's initiation of talks with tehreek e Taliban. Government should re-plan its talks with TTP becvause that is not the only group that is active in terrorists' activities. Other groups may repeat the same activities if talks proceeded further with TTP. Government is accepting whastever TTP is asking to do, releasing the top most leadership hat may not be accetable to other groups. Government is presenting no condiotion but acknowledging theirs. Governmen shoulsd also pu a condiion o TtP or who it talks and bound them to control other groups and make tP responsioble for tha. Governmen is showing weakness , hough i is lineanen for he sake of he people, bu people would be safe unil all erroris's groups agree to sop negaive aciviies. secondl, he are sponsored from ou of he counr and governmen knows who are on heir back. if government accepted all the sonditioons of TTP then the the series of bomb blasts would not stop. governmen mus be careful o accep an oher condiion of TTP.

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