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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pakistan Got Latest Technology To Block Websites

Pakistan has taken latest technology from a Canadian software firm which helps in blocking any unwanted websie within seconds. Earlier government spent hours and hours to spend sites manually. But Canadiab firm Net Sweaper will help in blocking sites witin moments. In Pakistan, with the help of this sites the thoughts and idealogies against democracy, extremists and religion of 180 million Pakistanis can be controlled through internet censorship. The discussions on internet about American drone attacks, talks with India and cooperation with the USA in war against terrorism continue actively on internet in Pakistan thast is controlled by government through latest technology. But the people in favor of freedom of expression say that their opinions were crushed, while extremists are free to say anything. They thought that installing filters by government on internet will further deepen this difference. Citizen lab of Research Center of University of Toronto had revealed in a report in June that Pakistan has started the filtering process by the software provided by Canadian net sweaper, on experimental basis. An internet providing company in Pakistan said that the numberof blocked pages has doubled during thev last five years. It was suggested in government documents that Pakistan needs latst technology to block 50 million objectionable and unwanted sites on internet. The supporters of Intenet Freedom Grouyp " Bolo Bhi" that Pakistani government wants to implemment such a strict censorship as exists in China. According to latest figures at prersent 42 million Pakistanis can get online. Director of "Bolo BHi" Fareeha Aziz said that internetr is the forunm where they can express themselvers freely. Canadian firm Net Sweaper has signed agreement with Pakistan and the filtering software has started working. Several Twitter and Facebook sites have been blocked by now. However, the supporters of freedom of expression in writing or orally have challenged goverrnment's this step in the court.

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