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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Personalities Who Have Incomplete Education But Are The Richest And The Most Successful Individuals Of The World-1

If we have a look at the socially and financially successful personalities of the world, we see better decision power and favor of fortune behind their successses, one one side, and the constituttion of such conditions that apparently look inappropriate, but these conditions or reasons change their lives. These circumstances not only bring positive changes but also save them from the stages that are wasting thier time. But interestingly, among the circumstances, conditions and causes that make the bases for the changes in lives, education is a sector farness from which can not be presented as justification for changes. The changes in lives may have been beautified with whatever the successes be, but education hass been been given key place in the standard of progress. However, regarding progress and success in the present world during the last three decades there are several examples that those people who set examples of success in lives cliombed the peaks of progress as soon as they said bye bye to education. Highly educated the successful people could not reach to their heights. The following asre those personalities who decided the ways of life their own keeping in view their natural aptityudes and when these "educational failure" persons stepped out into practical lives these personalities became the center of hopes and love of milllions of people of the globe. They are:- *-- Bill Gates He is the personality of the world who does not need any formal introduction. He is known by billions of people on the globe. The owner of Microsoft Corporation and a unque personality of computer world, Bill Gates and his friend Pal Alen started a Microsoft company in 1975 that turned into Microsoft Corporation. The Microsoft has been working for computer Software and Operating system for the last four decades with no match. The richest person of the world "William Henry Gates" was born in the suberben area Seatel of Washington in 1955. He graduated in 1973 from a local school of Seatle. After high scholl he got admission in Howard college of Howard University in Cambridge. He secured 1590 marks out of 1600 in SAT test for admission. But both the friend were concentrating on computer programming and software since little age and got busy in bringing revolution in the world of computer programming so they did not pay attention to study. With the result Bill Gates had to quit the study and created his name in the computer world. Even today on the website of Howard University a line with the words "incomplete graduation" is written in front of the name of Bill Gates. *-- Larry Elison The chief executive and founder of high class company of Data Base Management System "Oracle", Larry Elison is also among those successful personalities who quited incoplete education due to his extra-curricular activities.Born in New York city in 1944, Larry Elison belongs to a jewish family and he is at present among the richest people of the world. Founding Oracle Corporation in 1977 with only 2000 dollars Larry Elson dropped his studies in the University of Illinois at-- Urbana-Champaign of Illinois State at the age of 20 years, when he was still in matriculation. He then got admission in Chicago Unoiversity but he could not study attentively and after first term left study for good and shifted to North Carolina. He got busy in hs business life. Larry who gave the world Computer Hardware, Interprize Software and DataBase Management System, remained away from school or college education. Howevere, he is the unforgettable personalty. *-- Lady Gaga The singer of colorful personality Lady Gaga's real name is "Stafani Joanne Angelina Germanotta". She is among the top most richest singers of the world. Taking birth in New York in 1986, Lady Gaga's several songs and video albums have worldwide fame. Lady Gaga belonged to poor family, however, her father admitted -yeasr old Gaga in 'School of Arts" of New York University. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga realized that she was more intelligent and have best creative thinkings compared to her class mates. Quitting the study she stepped out practically in the world of music. She has been awarded five Gramy Awards and 13 MTV Video Music Awards {VMAs}. According to Cable Network of New York, Lady Gaga is fourth among the 100 best female singers of the world on the list. She remained among the 100 most influential women of the world continously from 2010 to 2013 on the list of Forbes Magazine. Lady Gaga, who has no formal education is named as the most influential women of the world by Time Magazine. She enhances the heart beats of the youth today, when she sings.

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