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Monday, September 23, 2013

Billion Of Rupees Have Been Looted In The Name Of Islam And Sharia By "Muzarba" Company?

Mufti Ehsaan, Mufi Obaid and Mufti Idreees of Muzarba company have confessed of taking Rs 10 billion from people in the name of Islam and Sharia, during the investigation. The number of applicants who applied against the company to NAB to take back their money from the Muzarba, is more than 2500. Two decades back fraud banks had looted billiobns of rupees from the people on the temptation of higher interersts and then lost their money. Nothing could be taken back from them. Most of them included the retired government servants. The NAB investigation team investigated the directors Mufti Obaid and Mufti Idrees of Fiazi Gujranwala Industries Private Limited including Mufi Ehsaan Ul Haq already arrested in Muzarba scandal. Mufti Ehsaan revealed during the investigation that the money collected by the people by Fiazi Industries was 10 billion and that was handed over to Tariq Jamal Khan, international dealer of Diamond. Howere, NAB has searched the masster mind of the scandal Tariq Jamal but information is being kept secret yet. Some journalist also fell prey to the Muzarba and have filed application in NAB. The accused Mufti Ehsaan Ul Haq has assured the NAB that the money will be returned to the people within two months. Astonishing fact is that the greed of money makes a human being so selfish and blind ha he forges he day Of Judgement, being a Muslim. Will they taske money with them in the pockets of coffin to grave. Do the Muftis do not know that earning 'Halal' is like a prayer {Worship}.

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