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Friday, September 6, 2013

Seven -Year -Old Girl Was Once A Beautiful Teenager

Little Kavesha was just seven year old studying at Fergusson Balika Vidyalaya, Patnapura when an unfortunate incident ruined her life. Her father, a motor mechanic was repariring vehicles in garage adjescent to house. Kavesha loved by everyone was in the habit of wearing her mother's sarees and walking in the garden with an umbrella in one hand and a pile of books on the other imitating her school teacher whom she loved much. On this fateful day she was in father's workplace, clad in a saree when a can of petrol caught fire. Her father was inside the house. In the other moment she was engulfed by flames. She was rushed to hospital but the costly surgery to repair her face needed round rupees 3.5 million thast they could not afford. Kavesha wrote letter to president of Sri Lanka who gave her Rs. 500.000 with which first step of surgery was done. But she needed more to get her burnt face to recenered to some extent. They expecty philonthropists to help them for the treatment of little Kavesha.

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